Disney Joins the Virtual Reality Bandwagon for Video Games

disney joins the virtual reality bandwagon for video games

How would you like to have the whole cast of Disney’s unforgettable characters and fun, quirky personalities over at your house for a visit? Maybe not in this lifetime, but you can still settle for an immersive, 3D experience with Walt Disney’s iconic creations into the world of virtual reality, coming soon!

The Powers That Be residing in Walt Disney Co’s headquarters are taking the steps to bringing Disney Infinity, then its many other video games to the exciting and amazing world of virtual reality. James Pitaro, president of Disney Interactive division, says that they are looking to see how this works out by exploring the elements in existing titles. They may even create an entirely new Disney virtual reality for video games, specifically catered for emerging mediums such as augmented reality, or in VR environments where gaming immersion is headed.

These VR and augmented reality headsets provide a 360 view that totally blocks off your surroundings and replaces it with a fantasy setting, or add some new graphical images to your tabletops and walls.

Disney Infinity is a global sensation that has already reached $1 billion in sales. It is a game that combines Pixar, Marvel and Disney franchises into an open-world game setting. The Star Wars franchise is poised to enter this prestigious realm this fall. This game has a “Toy Box” mode that allows players to mix and match various avatars and backgrounds spanning different franchises. Now, imagine in the same concept an infusion of AR or VR technology that lets you play in the Toy Box mode AS the avatar staying in the background you chose. Exciting, right? Gamers have been eagerly awaiting for the next immersive gaming experience that takes them far from reality, and virtual or augmented reality has become the next big thing to make it happen.

Discussions with many viable VR platforms are in progress, but nothing is certain as of yet. Big-name companies such as the Oculus Rift by Facebook Inc, Sony Corp and Microsoft with their HoloLens AR headset each have their own flagship product being announced one after the other at E3. Other game companies such as Ubisoft have also entered the fray and had their own versions of VR, along with their own demos- an experience riding a virtual rollercoaster with its Rabbids characters, and one where Microsoft caused further excitement by touting the HoloLen’s feature while playing Minecraft in 3D.

But what do the experts and leaders have to say about the emerging popularity of virtual reality technology? Pitaro says he was impressed with the VR tech shown, admitting that its future and the possibilites are very exciting to behold and think about. Other gaming executives have voiced reservations about how the general public will react to the new fad. Christopher Merwin, a Barclays analyst, states VR is here and now. He says that VR is becoming an very viable platform and consumers are waiting on the most important thing that will justify the cost and experience of virtual reality- the software. As with all great things, they should not be rushed and take time to be further developed and perfected.

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/minecraft-castle-render-video-game-529461/