HoloLens: How Augmented Reality will Change Gaming


The news that HoloLens could start shipping soon is exciting. The virtual reality is going to be a big step in how we play games in the future. For now, the closest thing we have to this revolutionary gaming device is the virtual reality devices. However, these devices have their shortcomings, which will be highlighted later.

Good News for Game Developers

As of now, there are not many developers making games for HoloLens. The main reason for this is that no one was sure that the platform was ever going to take off. However, with the manufacturer having placed huge resources behind it, it seems like they are ready for takeoff. Online forums have been abuzz with the news that the platform will launch soon. Most people cannot wait to get their hands on this device.
You will probably not be disappointed either. The HoloLens will come jam-packed with preinstalled games. The developers hired to come up with these games are well-known producers of action games that have won over fans in the past. In future, it is hoped game developers like Sony could come on board and develop games for the platform. Alternatively, they may choose to come up with their platform. However, that will be hard since most of the technologies used are patented.

What Makes HoloLens So Special?

Unlike other types of platforms, everything in your house is in the game. That means your furniture; your porch is all part of the game. Everything that is in the environment around you interacts with the game to form something magical. In the history of gaming, nothing has been this exciting. While virtual reality has made great strides, it will most likely be replaced. With HoloLens Augmented Reality, your entire house is part of the game.
One of the games included is worth mentioning. It detects the room you are in and immediately adapts. For instance, if you are in a play space, a character could come and sit on it. It will be quite astounding the first time gamers start playing it. Besides that, you can have a conversation with the character. The voice activation feature is something that has been tried in very few other gaming platforms. In another game, a sniper may hide on a horizontal surface such as a cupboard. It is an exciting time to be alive for gamers.

Where is VR Headed

The focus has been on Oculus, a VR company that Facebook purchased for $2 billion. As a result, most game experts have predicted that the future of gaming is in VR. However, if you have played VR, you have noticed there are a few shortcomings. For one, there is the obvious fact that you have no contact with the outside world. It creates an uncomfortable feeling in some people when you have to spend extended periods of time with your face covered. In addition, there is the issue with nausea. A widely reported issue that have forced many people to avoid using VR.

A New Type of Gaming World

By the time, HoloLens launches, the gaming world will have completely shifted. Although other gamers will still hold on to their devices, they will be phased out over time. The superior experience offered by HoloLens cannot be compared to anything else. Unlike VR, which makes you believe, you are in space, AR works with you. For instance, it may simulate a zombie invasion in your home. You would not want to pass up the opportunity to play hero in a life-like zombie apocalypse.

Limitations to Overcome

One of the limitations you will face is that you have to wear the entire console on your head. As a result, it may present issues with cooling. However, the company behind it is not worried about it. It seems they already have a few solutions.
The battery life of the headset has also been an area of concern. You cannot play AR games all day without need for a recharge at some point. However, as battery charging technology keeps improving, this will not be an issue. Right now, some technologies allow you to charge a phone in just under five minutes. The AR headset will likely have such a technology. You may not even notice it when the battery runs out.


Right now, indications are that the field of view may be a bit tiny. However, this does not appear to be an issue to the developers of the device. To counter this, they have said it is only the first version. You can expect improvement in the near future as more people come onboard. One thing is for sure; no matter what you think of AR, it is going to change gaming forever. It will change how game developers think of games they develop for their customers.

Image Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/microsoftsweden/