Oculus Rift Wont Support The Apple Macintosh

oculus rift wont support the apple macintosh

When new software or hardware is developed, the manufacturers of these products will create their new technologies with others in mind. In specific, the new technical advances are normally made for different platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX and the like. In many cases, the developers of some products may release new technology that’s compatible with one or more Operating systems in their initial plans.

Once the new developments have been launched, the need and demand may require that the creators of the technology expands its platforms into other areas at a later date. In some situations, the expansions for new innovations and compatibility are not considered in the manufacturers’s plans. Therefore, people who are using other operating platforms and devices can only access the new innovations through the systems that the creator’s have made their technology compatible for. This said, the same is true for Oculus VR because they are not including Apple’s MacBooks in their Rift support.

It is important to also note that Oculus VR manufacturers are aware of these compatiablity and support issues. Even though they know that there is a large target audiences of Apple users that would want this new technology to work with Apple’s Macbook, they are still saying that Rift support is not scheduled today or for the future. The reasons for this decision is twofold, and are listed below as follows.

 Recommended Specifications for the most recent innovations in VR and Rift Support are not being met. 

According to Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey who spoke at IGN at E3 2015, this decision is being made with numerous factors that they are considering. One of the most important is the requirements for the specifications are not being met by Apple to accommodate the latest technology. In fact, based on the information that they have reviewed in the current GPUs offered, Apple’s development operations are not even close to the requirements that has been set for these new innovations. Therefore, they are not gearing up to meet the needs of this specific target audience.

Apples’s Priotization Schedule

Another reason for the addressing the future as also being bleak for these new innovations is the fact that Oculus does not anticipate Apple making advancement in this area to accommodate the need or demand themselves. Therefore, it may be sometime before the newer specifications to be even considered. On the other hand, there have been rumors that Apples’s reason for this gap in prioritzation is due to their own plans.

According to there rumors, Apple is presently working on their VR technology them. So, if this information is in fact true, they will be expecting to support their own models instead of a third party. If any changes occur, the timing for meeting the new requirements may be delayed for quite sometime. So, Apple’s Macbook users should keep this in mind when asking what are the plans for the present and the very near future. Also, if there are any further developments and rumors, they should follow the latest technologies in Oculus and in Apple’s plans for the future.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bagogames