Project Morpheus Coming 2016

The first announcement about Project Morpheus by Sony was made at the Game Developers Conference in 2014. This year, another announcement has been made and the product that was presented in 2014 is quite similar to the one presented at this year’s event. Some improvements have been made to the new version, as it is more ergonomic, it feels a little bit lighter and it fits better on the face. Virtual reality is becoming more and more realistic and this can only be amazing for gamers. Project Morpheus coming 2016 will be a real adventure for many.


Sony’s project seems to give you less the impression of wearing goggles than its competitors. Even if the field of view is not larger, the perspective seems a bit rounder. The picture quality is amazingly crisp, clear and smooth. Some pixels may be spotted here and there, on rare occasions. In 2014, motion controllers were not really good and it was difficult to track exactly what the user was doing. Today, there are many things that you can do within a game, such a picking up stuff, or shooting with a gun.

The games shown in demonstrations seem to have a lot of potential, but the truth is there aren’t many games to support Project Morpheus yet. The virtual reality headset is scheduled for launching in 2016, in the first half of the year. The prices will be of several hundred dollars, but it is not known exactly how much it will be. About twenty games are promised by Sony in the 2015 E3 presentation. The first game will be from a genre that has proven to be difficult to deal with by the virtual reality teams: FPS (first person shooter).

The first person shooter presented at E3 is not an official game yet, but it includes the latest technologies from Sony, such as PlayStation Move. The presentation of this game has the purpose of showing people that FPS games can be made for Morpheus and that they will be really playable. Regular genres likes FPS are not the only concern for developers, as they want to approach uncommon genres as well. They are experimenting right now with new possibilities for the platform. The following types of games are included: puzzle games, exploration games, network games and games meant for relaxation.

The headset presented at Game Developers Conference in 2015 has an OLED display of 5.7 inches (compared to the 2014 display of only 5 inches). The new device can offer 120 frames per second and a latency of 18 milliseconds (compared to 36 last year). The president of Worldwide Studios from Sony thinks that people can be determined to spend several hundred dollars on the headset if more games will be developed for the platform.

Sony’s Project Morpheus coming 2016, like all the other virtual reality headsets found on the market today, is just part of the beginning in an industry that will surely be huge in the future. The technology will become much better. What is now important is that the first steps have been made. Oculus Rift is the primary competitor for Sony’s virtual reality headset and the competition is tough. The most important thing for Sony to do right now is to convince the current PlayStation 4 users to acquire a headset.

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