Top 10 Best Oculus Rift Games To Experience Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is finally here and for many game developers, it indicates a new way of creating and presenting games. Anyone who’s joined the virtual reality bandwagon is aware that this technology will captivate the masses in the nearest future. With this technology comes a wealth of interesting and innovative games. Here are top 10 Oculus Rift games to experience virtual reality;

Best Oculus Rift games

1. Chronos

If you’re used to playing more traditional video games and haven’t got the hang of virtual reality gaming, Chronos is an excellent option. It is packed with pitched sword duels where you need to defend against attacks, and land blows on your foes if you must remain alive. The game eschews the typical VR approach – the first person viewpoint- where you see the game via the eyes of the character you chose to play and was made in the third person point of view- where you watch and play from a separate perspective.

2. Edge of Nowhere

This game is ideal for you if you’re a horror lover. The creators of the game took a stab at making horror in virtual reality and building it in a way that is impressively different from every other VR game on the platform. Instead of going the usual route, the game puts the camera at the back of the main character. Rather than a first person view, a player experiences a third person view as was done in Chronos mentioned above. The result of this camera angle is a more psychological take on horror. This game is another VR game that feels like a more traditional game but has some features which experiment on players to find new ways to scare future users.

3. Keep Talking And No One Explodes

This game uses a different approach to captivate users. If you love logical thinking games, this would be great for you. In the game, people share a room, but only one person wears a VR headset. That person can view and interact with a special bomb covered in panels, each representing puzzles that require the solution to diffuse the explosive device. The VR player may not understand what they see, so others in the room may help explain it through the complicated bomb defusing manual. It requires communication, quick thinking, and teamwork.

4. Windlands

Most VR games with a lot of movement may cause nausea since the brain interprets movement which isn’t corroborated by the body. However, it can be a great way to exercise lightly. The game is about jumping from incredible heights using a grappling hook while swinging across spaces. It’s more of an exploration game.

5. Eve Valkyrie

This game is ideal for space lovers and it places you as a spaceship fighter pilot. You have to shoot through space locales such as asteroid fields and shipyards and hunt enemy ships while avoiding missile locks. It also involves a lot of movement and can be very exciting.

6. Technolust

If you’re a computer geek, you will love this one. You have to hack virtual landscapes to steal data from different evil corporations. Its retro-futuristic, grimy and dark and these features make it even more realistic.

7. Lucky’s tale

This game is also a great way to ease into VR games and is colorful as well. It feels a lot like Mario 64, but the player acts as the camera and hovers above the space. Your ability to move and look around the space makes it even more exciting.

8. Fated

This game is centered on the Vikings and it gives you the role of a character at the verge of death who returns to his village with his family after the accident. He was given a second chance and kept from Valhalla but has lost his voice. The game is story focused and is rather slow on character development. It has a combination of mystery and magic with a bit of Norse mythology. The game puts you in the shoes of a man who is simply trying to save his kin from utter destruction.

9. Subnautica

If you are a fan of survival games, this will keep you entertained. After your spaceship crashes on an alien ocean, you have the task of salvaging the wreckage to survive. You have to gather supplies and tools to build. You also have to prevent any alien from eating you as well.

10. The assembly

This game is also story-based and it allows players to solve puzzles and unlock the story by gathering information from the environment and interacting with characters. It has a first person camera view and takes place in a scientific laboratory. It is also a good entry point for virtual reality newbies who prefer something that is heavy on story.

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