Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety

Virtual Reality Therapy

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobia and General Anxiety Disorder are only a few of the types of anxiety disorders that people suffer from every day. If you suffer from anxiety, you may find yourself struggling to manage the feelings of fear, sorrow, inadequacy, and at times, even outright panic when exposed to certain triggers. These feelings may cause you to feel unsafe in the world, or even in your home.

Medication and therapy are under constant research and development to bring those suffering with anxiety the freedom they so desperately seek. In recent years, technology has advanced in ways the world never thought possible, and everyone is benefiting from these miracles of science.

In the early 90’s, science brought us a rudimentary form of Virtual Reality known as VRET or Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy. While this treatment was effective, it was highly costly and limited. With new advancements in Virtual Reality, treatments are even more efficient than ever before, and the new Virtual Reality systems are available at a drastically lower cost.

Advancements in technology have brought us Virtual Reality. An entertainment breakthrough that has given us the ability to map, explore, and experience in ways that humanity only thought possible in science fiction novels. This miraculous technology has made massive advancements in the medical field. And now, it’s time to help those suffering from anxiety.

Virtual Reality is now being used to treat anxiety disorders via exposure therapy. Exposure therapy is a method by which a therapist, in a safe and controlled manner, exposes a person suffering from anxiety to their triggers in minuscule doses. Then, as the patient gains confidence, the exposures get bigger and bigger until the patient no longer feels fear, inadequacy, or anxiety surrounding that object.

However, now using Virtual Reality patients can face their fears in a virtual world where their body and mind feel safer, and more comfortable at the beginning. Patients can face this fear in the virtual world to gain greater confidence with their triggers before facing them in the real world. This no-risk approach can give people the boost they need to face their fears head-on.

There are several Virtual Reality programs already available to those suffering from specific anxiety triggers. There are programs available for many things ranging from Combat-Related PTSD to those suffering from a Fear of Job Interviewing. Even those suffering from phobias of needles, dental work, or other medical procedures can benefit from the use of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy.

Studies show that the use of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy is not only comparable to therapy without VR, but far surpasses traditional treatment methods. Different anxiety related issues are treated differently using VR, but they all respond positively to the utilization of the virtual world.

The empowering technology of VR is bringing hope to people with anxiety all over the world. Though this technology is in its beginning phases, it is already available to common practice.

If you would like to use this new and improved form of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy, seek out a therapist near you offering this technology. Scientists and therapists agree that trying this therapy on your own could cause you to experience panic attacks, or other anxiety related problems. Experiencing VRET is perfectly safe when using it with the help of a trained therapist.

Virtual Reality treatment therapy has the power to change the world for the better. If you suffer from anxiety, you are not alone. Thousands of people fight against anxiety every day. There is hope in the battle against fear and stress. Talk to a therapist who uses virtual reality to see if treatment is right for you.

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